Green Earth Concept Moves towards Reality

World Environment Day Celebrations -2015

Somatheeram Ayurveda Group is determined and glad to continue its mission in planting trees as part of World Environment Day Celebrations. Over the last few years Somatheeram Ayurveda Group has planted thousands of trees with medicinal values.

This year we've selected Jambuh ( Jamun ) for planting 2015 seedlings, in consideration of their medicinal value and environmental benefits.

Jambul, Jamun or Jamblang, Njaval Pazham ( Malayalam ), Black Plum ( English ) is an evergreen tropical tree in the flowering plant family Myrtaceae, native to India and Indonesia.

World Environment Day 2014.

Somatheeram Ayurveda Group strives on a mission to uplift the increasing volume of Ayurvedic medicinal plants by planting 2014 INDIAN GOOSEBERRY tress (Phyllanthus emblica) in all our resorts and properties. Ms. Alessandra Brertondini, a renowned Italian fashion designer who made an auspicious start with the program by earthen an Indian Gooseberry Tree at the Somatheeram Ayureda Resort in Chowara.

World Environment Day 2013

By planting 2013 Muringa Trees (Moringa oleifera Lam) in all our resorts and properties, Somatheeram took an initiation and it has chosen to plant 2013 Muringa the Miracle tree, in accordance with the various utility in our daily life and World Health Organization (WHO) has gone through scientific researches on Moringa plant, and being enter in a conclusion that it is enriched with nutritional values and healing properties.

World Environment Day 2012

We were engaged with planting of Herbal plants in all our resorts and properties.

World Environment Day 2011

We have been hugged whole heartedly with a dominant concept of preserving nature and planted 2011 Fruit trees and involved with a new mission targeting global warming. Planting fruit trees supports birds feeding and animals with same intention with our moto.

Nature with Love Practices

a. Installing RO (Reverse Osmosis) Plant - Sewage Treatment - and watering for garden at the resort happens with again use of purified water.

b. Harvest with Sky showering (Rain water): Somatheeram is coping up with more natural way or preservation where Ayurveda Herbal Plants, Grass lawns, Trees to support for recharge rain water to ground water. Besides, rain water is taken from the lower portion of the land in a pond and again makes to use full after water treatment.

b. Waste management

To ensure the segregation of the waste correctly, we use color coded different type of bins. We have installed a specially crafted incubator inside the premises of the resort mainly to burn dry waste except plastic.

Food/wet waste: Effectively burns with bio gas plant is installed within the premise

Recyclable waste: Paper, plastic etc. are getting recycling process.

c. Adaption of Pollution control method

We’re stringent in use of only organic pesticides and pest controls within the observance of Somatheeram. The installation of Water Treatment Plant is in the resort. We are not allows artificial fertilizers use in our resort.

Rare Breeds Animal Farm

Very specially designed with a view to protect and conserve local and apart breed species, Mr. Baby Mathew, Chairman and Managing Director of Somatheeram Ayurveda Group is keen and alert with indigenous animal farm.


• Kapila
• Punganur
• Echur
• Kasargod Dwarf
• Kutanad Dwarf (Periyar Dwarf)


• Malabari
• Sirogi
• Assam pigmi


• Mogul Haunt.

Vechur Cow

Vechur Cow is a get aloof species of Bos indicus cattle. The village of Vechur (Kottayam district, Kerala,India) become world famous with the naming of Vechur Cow. It is the smallest breed of cattle in the world and holds the Guinnes record for the less and short form of a cow. The cattle is very friendly with great immune power and it was very familiar with Keralites untill the 1960’s. Gradually this unique breed came in to Red list because of the unhealthy scientific cross breeding with high yielding exotic breeds. It’s an unpleasant reality and sad that only 350 surviving animals left to live on the planet.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR efforts bloom with 100% natural way

In accordance with the purchase assignment with Attappadi Tribal Co-operative farming society, we buy most of our Vegetables, Honey and Spices etc. are from their access. Besides Indian Masalas, Wheat, Grains etc. are also purchasing from the small scale units run by self employed women of the village. All herbs for preparing ayureda medicines at our unit are also purchased from the tribal people.

Our beach is clean with us

Our beach and nearby village area are under the cleaning plan by our staff and department. (Every Week 3pm to 4pm)

Employees are natives

At Chowara beach, we placed the vendors (all are locals) on a common area and they’re within control and are friendly and not disturb the guest during their joyous moments and the guests can approach the vendor for their purchase as per needs like cloths and local fruits.

Somatheeram trains local people and make them employee fit.

Since from the outset, Somatheeram is committed to provide maximum employment to the locals, Ayurveda is the only sector in Kerala, where we ensure big number of local employments every year.