Monsoon in Kerala

Monsoons are seasonal heavy rains carried by high winds from Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal. Western Ghats mountain ranges trap the moisture of winds from the Arabian Sea, most notably during the southwest monsoon, creating a tropical monsoon climate along the narrow land mass of Kerala. Monsoon rains nourish and transform this rich bio-diverse tropical rain forest region into a womb for life forms.


Ayurveda has been defined as the knowledge of life and the science of longevity. Ayurveda treatment taken during the time of the monsoon boosts immunity and endows a long-lasting effect, as the atmosphere remains dust-free, moist and cool, which in turn opens up the body pores making them more receptive to herbal oils and therapy.

Why Ayurveda during the monsoon season

As weather begins to change, the heat of the summer slowly abates and the clouds begin to gather over the sky. It starts getting darker as the earth gets ready for the rainy season. During the rains, the heat that has accumulated or built-up in the earth during the summer season gets immediately released. This heat combines with the moisture of the rain, and it creates a humid atmosphere which is predominated by the qualities of heat and wetness/moisture. During the monsoon season the body becomes tender and very much receptive to Ayurveda treatments.

Why Somatheeram and Manaltheeram

They are ideally located near the geographical trinity point made by the Indian Ocean, the Arabian sea and the Bay of Bengal. Chosen and positioned by the vision of Mr. Baby Mathew, it is the ideal place for an Ayurveda Hospital with a Resort Ambiance. Both Somatheeram and Manaltheeram are set on cliffs close to our well maintained private beach shore. Moisturised wind from the ocean merges with the cool air generated by a vast variety of trees and plants around the hospital and transforms the place into an ideal Ayurveda holiday spot.

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