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Diet Restaurant

The Diet Restaurant at Somatheeram Ayurveda Village faces the sea and offers the best way possible to enjoy a hearty meal.

Enjoying a sumptuous meal, consisting of rice and several curries served in a plantain leaf is definitely not worth missing out while in Kerala. Kerala cooking is complex with a large number of ingredients going into a single dish to create unique flavours. Generous use of coconut, vegetables, spices and coconut oil gives the various dishes its incomparable taste. And indeed, Kerala delicacies are the most sought after items at the Diet Restaurant.

The Diet Restaurant provides a choice of about 250 different Ayurvedic vegetarian dishes, salads and juices. Non vegetarian and multi cuisine food is also available here.

The live cooking demonstrations at the Diet Restaurant unravel the mystery of how special delicacies are prepared and aids in stimulating the taste buds. Then there is the buffet, especially put together to claim considerable stomach space.

The menu can be customized to include favourites and the spice level can be decided as per your taste.


Somatheeram most values the visitors, and they believe every customer deserves the affection and hospitality with equal priority and enlarges best services. While telling about this, as a part of business, it’s food and dishes plays a prominent role where Somatheeram has a vast number of unique dishes especially designed for visitors and in the list of cuisines, there would be Ayurveda cuisines, Indian cuisines, European cuisines, Chinese cuisines etc.


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